Essential Apps for Seniors

Today’s connected society in the age of the internet puts technology at the tips of our fingers. For seniors, it’s even more important to stay connected, but even easier to do so these days. Keep these essential apps on your smart phone for whatever situation you find yourself in.


Weather App

No one wants to be stuck in unexpected and unfavorable weather conditions. It’s also critical that important alerts for severe weather conditions be communicated to as many people in the affected area as possible, as early as possible before the conditions hit. Most weather apps can give you an accurate weather forecast up to 15 days ahead, provide radar views for potential upcoming conditions, and send alerts to your phone when storms are coming. Weather apps are important for everyone’s smart phone to have.


Dictation App

Not everyone can or wants to type long messages out on a tiny smart phone keyboard. If you’re driving, you shouldn’t be typing anything in your phone at all. In these cases, a dictation app that can translate what you say into text to send to the person you want to communicate with is perfect. It’s also a good idea to have the opposite: a text to speech app. This will take text and read it out loud for you rather than you needing to read it, particularly useful if the font is too small to read.

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Insurance App

Chances are your insurance provider has an app available for you to keep up with your account. It should allow you to find care providers in your network, research Medicare supplement plan options available to you, and track your statements and payments for your various insurances. As complex as insurance is these days, being able to track everything practically in real time and at the tip of your fingers is not only convenient, but extremely important for you to ensure everything is correct and legitimate. The insurance company should make sure their app and your information are safe and secure.


Map App

You don’t always know where you’re going and getting lost in a strange place is dangerous and nerve racking. Having a map app with GPS to locate your position in real time and also give turn by turn directions is crucial. Some even have the added convenience of finding the fastest routes for you and alerting you to various hazards in the road.