Staying Active in Retirement

As you age it becomes more and more important to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be grueling or inconvenient, there are many fun and convenient ways to maintain an active lifestyle. Always talk to your doctor first about exercise routines and any Medicare supplement plans you might want to look into.



Exercising isn’t just about hitting the gym for some heavy weight lifting. Sports are perfect for having some fun and you don’t always need to get a whole group together to play. Maybe your a Tennis or Squash player, try your luck at a round robin tournament at the local racquet club. If you’re a golfer, hit the links and join 2 or 3 others looking to get out on the tee next. You can probably find a pick up Basketball game at any YMCA or local gym with a court. In the winter, find a local ice rink and find a pick up Hockey game to join.


Walking or Jogging

What better way to see what’s happening in your city or neighborhood than to get outside and walk or do some jogging when the weather is beautiful? You may run into people you know and can socialize a bit. Maybe you’ll run into an event you didn’t know was happening that looks fun and interesting. You might discover new construction you didn’t know was happening, or find your way towards retail shops for food, coffee, or shopping. You could also walk or jog along the beach in between quality sunbathing sessions for a bit more of an intense workout.

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It may not seem on the outside like a very active thing to do, but exploring local attractions, landmarks, and museums is actually a great way to stay active. Most museums and outdoor sites are so huge that even trying to cover all of its ground would take hours or days to complete. You also get the added bonus of stimulating the intellectual side of your mind while you’re exploring them.


Hiking can be a great, low stress way to exercise while you explore. You can also bring a camera with you to take plenty of pictures along your hike making for great memories and beautiful scenic photos. The feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top will also give you a healthy sense of pride and push you to take on bigger and more challenging feats.