What are Medicare supplement plans 2019 pros and cons?

Medicare supplement plans are policy provided by insurance company that covers general Medicare plans in addition with other supplementary policy. In other word, Medicare supplement plans pays some of medical cost which is not covered by general Medicare plans. According to provision made in United States of America, one must have Medicare part A and part B to take Medicare supplement plans. Medicare supplement plans can be taken like other insurance policy. For that, one need to pay premium cost of the plan in installments. Still you might be confused about its pros and cons. Do not worry; this article will help you to learn about Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare supplement plans pros and cons

Medicare supplement plans are beneficial from different aspects. Such plans help one to have insured health care. Despite having general Medicare plans, it is necessary to take Medicare supplement plans to cover other policy not available in general Medicare plan. Medicare supplements plans have following pros and cons listed below.

What are Medicare supplement plans 2019 pros and cons?

Medicare supplement plans have lots of advantages which are as follows.

  • Medicare supplement plans mostly cover all of medical cost since supplement plans are additional plans other than general Medicare plans. Thus, Medicare supplement plans are quite beneficial and include most of health care cost.
  • The main advantages of such plans are its validity during foreign travel. For example- One have takes Medicare supplement plans. Due to official work he had to fly foreign and had certain health problem during the travel. He had to be admitted to hospital. In such case, Medicare supplement plans are valid and pay him hospital cost after proper inspection of required documents.

Medicare supplement plans cons

Medicare supplement plans also have some disadvantages which are as follows.

  • Medicare supplement plans though are advantageous can have costly monthly premium. Thus, such plans cannot be affordable for every family.
  • Such plans are valid only for single person. If you have taken such plans, it is not valid for your family. You should take plan for each family member separately.
  • Though Medicare supplement plans are considered additional plan compared to general Medicare plan, but still doesn’t cover all costs.
  • Medicare supplement plans don’t cover cost of health care like acupuncture or other natural therapy generally adopted to make our body healthier.

Despite having different cons, Medicare supplement plans are widely adopted and are found to be beneficial for those who have taken it. It is due to fact that there is very less probability that someone never needs medical care or checkup.